The Ups and Downs of the Time Change In Our Family

So it is November and a significant event just happened in our house and in all houses across Canada. We moved the clocks back by one hour! How are you all doing adjusting to the time change? For me it is, pardon the expression, he-double hockey sticks on earth! I don’t like this time of year, as many of us don’t, with the shorter colder days and the darkness coming on earlier and earlier. Caffeine and sugar are my fuel, and, oh yes, my son Michael. :) He used to be a very early riser in the am, but now even though he “sleeps in” until 7:30 am, he still keeps me on my toes mentally and physically. This is also a hard time of the year for him, and it usually takes him and my husband and me two weeks to adjust to that hour change. Like most years, we are feeling more tired, easily angered, and have shorter fuse these days, and that’s the two neuro typical people in the house! All jokes aside though, it is a little harder on Michael due to his autism, but his father and I do our best to be patient with him.

He’s also having a lot of anxiety about school lately, and we’re having issues with homework, and not wanting to get up and go to school. This started before the time change as he has academic challenges this year. He will be up earlier on the weekends, because, as he says it;

“Today is my fun day. I can play and go to all my activities.”

Although he is tired on Friday night, it is hard for Michael to fall asleep. He will keep asking,

“Is it Saturday yet? When will it be Saturday Mommy?”

I will smile as patiently as I can (he asks this MANY MANY times as he’s falling asleep),

“It will be Saturday when you go to sleep and wake up next.”

Patience is one of the virtues of motherhood, it really is. It’s learning how to laugh at the little things, open yourself up to criticism, and learn from the mistakes you make as a Mom, because after all, you’re only human. So I send a big hug to all the parents out there struggling bleary-eyed in the next few weeks. Hang in there! It will get easier as you and your children adjust to the time change. What is keeping me going are the holidays to look forward to. And that is what I will tell my little weekend party animal about too. :)

Joanne Giacomini is a fiction writer and a blogger. She blogs about how her son with autism is raising her at

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