Mom Approved Wardrobe for Your Tough to Dress Tween

Parenting a tween is a hard job. While your child is still essentially a kid, they’re also at an age when they’re seeking independence via personal expression. Unfortunately, many of today’s tween fashions skew toward sexually provocative or inappropriate in message or style. However, that doesn’t mean you have to choose between putting your picky tween on lockdown or letting them loose to run amok.


1. Customization is Key

Babble blogger Miss Lori, popular television host, mother of three, and social influencer, has major concerns about the current state of clothing designed for tweens that emphasize showing skin. In her tips for how to prevent tween fashions from verging on provocative while still remaining on trend, she suggests home-tailoring garments to fit your tween. For example, try trimming jeans into shorts to ensure that your child isn’t trying out for the starring role of Daisy Mae Duke with her trademark daisy duke shorts.

In general, you should beware of off-the-rack styles where hemlines don’t take into account the variance of heights and sizes of growing young people. If your child is tall, the shorts you find in retail stores may ride up particularly high. Snip to fit is one of the best ways to ensure that your child has the perfect hemline length and will also be happy with the final product.


2. Know What They’re Looking for

Check out your tween’s favorite fashion magazine or visit their Pinterest account. See what kind of style inspirations they’re looking at so you’ll know what to expect on the next shopping trip. The biggest problem with tween fashions not passing muster with mom is that many of today’s mainstream retailers are offering styles that are age-inappropriate to begin with. Therefore, you need to stay ahead of the curve and know what your tween is interested in. Oftentimes, you might be surprised to find that your child is perfectly happy dressing in more a conservative style as long as it achieves their preferred aesthetic. Help them along by taking them out to thrift stores, and let them translate their own fashion interests into a wearable look. You might be surprised to find that your tween’s initial inclinations are mom-approved before you even have to nix the slashed designer jeans or low-cut top.


ThinkstockPhotos-4995997703. Crazy with Color, Conservative with Hemlines

Instead of outright banning wardrobe choices that don’t pass the mom test, give your tween other options. Let them experiment with colors and patterns. Go wild! There’s no harm in wearing an unusual or mismatching array of patterns to school if that’s how your child wishes to express themselves. Replace inappropriately provocative or unsightly styles with another type of freedom, where your tween feels like they might be getting away with something. At the very least, they’ll feel vindicated with the freedom to choose their own look.

Tweens are one of the most difficult age groups to deal parent. However, with a few compromises and tweaks of how you approach regulating your child’s wardrobe, finding styles that please both you and your tween is completely possible.

Can you help me with online stores? What are some good ones your teen has taken a liking to?

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