Melany’s Gift Guide

The Holidays are just around the corner and you still have no idea how you could surprise your loved ones? Here are some cool ideas that will make every one more than happy.

For kids:

1. Farmhouse Kitchen Collection
Who wouldn’t fall in love with this lovely kitchen?! Your kids will LOVE playing in their brand new kitchen, and do just as mommy does.


2. Roadster Scoot
Your child will never want to get off this perfect little car. Not only is it cool looking, but it also has a padded seat, to assure that your kid’s drive is a pleasant one.


3. Blizzard
A book is a wonderful thing you can give to your kid. Hop on an adventure through the blizzard of 1978. Tell your child incredible stories about how you use to play in the snow when you were little. Without doubt, you will end up outside, building snow castles and sledding.


4. Giraffe and Tree Teepee
Give your child a secret space with this adorable teepee. Your kid will love to have his own little house. Don’t worry about having to entertain him for hours!


5. Vintage Racing Cap and Goggles
Transform your kid in an adventurous pilot with this vintage cap racing cap and goggles. Teach your kid to fly and discover the whole world through an illustrated atlas.


For Mom:

1. Alena Slippers

You never go wrong with a cute pair of slippers!


2. Soap Rocks
Looking for a creative gift? Go with the soap rocks. Moms will love them as they are not just a piece of art in themselves, but they will also allow her to take some me time in a bath with their relaxing fragrances. Plus, they illuminate underwater!



3. French Enameled Lockets
A delicate and beautiful gold chain with a French enamel locket every woman would love. Make your kids participate by having them pick the color they prefer. You are sure to hear them brag about how THEY chose the color once this beauty is around their proud mommy’s neck.


4. The 2016 MList card
To make sure she gets the best savings for the new year!

Card Revised

For Dad:

1. Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet
Take care of your man’s skin with these great natural products. His skin will want more of these treasures.


2. GoPro
The GoPro will allow your man to plunge back into his younger years. He will want to bring it everywhere and it might even be excuse to go out and stay active, because who doesn’t love to film beautiful scenery?


3. Flannel Shirt
You never go wrong with a flannel shirt. It will keep him warm and handsome during winter.


Happy Holidays!

Xoxo Melany


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