Happy New Year and Back to Routine

Well, the holidays are behind us. Thank goodness, I say. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas. The whole season of family, friends, great food and drinks is wonderful, until it isn’t anymore. Your kid is out of routine and needs school, you are out of routine and need healthy food and hours again, because let’s face it, who eats healthy during the holidays, right? I think it is just time to get back to routine, and better yet, a fresh new year with new possibilities and things going on. That’s the way I see January. And although Michael and I are sad to take down the Christmas tree after epiphany, he too is ready for a fresh start. As he’s gotten older, he has also gotten more excited about the winter activities he can participate in, like skating, sledding and playing outside with his dad, myself or friends.  Sometimes it even feels like that first day of school and work is the beginning of another holiday for me.  The holiday away from each other, and then coming together at the end of the day in excitement to see one another again!


Our holidays went well overall! There were the ups and downs. Like all children, Michael ate too much sugar and carbs some days, was a little high strung, and we had some challenging behavior at that time. With a child who has autism, structure and keeping them busy is very important so we did that, and the down times we had to have for all our energy levels, had their ups and downs. The fact that Michael can communicate so well to us now though helps a lot. I also have learned how to read his signs that he’s had too much of something, and try to give him a safe space to blow. Heck, I need that for me sometimes too. Don’t we all? We had lots of good times during the two weeks we were home together. It’s wonderful to see how Michael has grasped all the traditions, particularly helping those less fortunate and to appreciate the gifts he does receive. He was spoiled as usual by family members with Christmas and birthday presents, and that doesn’t include his birthday party with friends coming up next weekend.

Anyway, I’m appreciative of the wonderful time we had to bond together as a family. We have wonderful pictures and videos from another successful holiday season overall to look at and reminisce over while we make new and exciting memories year. I wish all of you as well a fresh start to 2016! Have a great return to routine week!


Joanne Giacomini is a fiction writer and a blogger. She blogs about how her son with autism is raising her at www.exceptionalmomchild.wordpress.com.

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