Come Fall in Love with Le Village du Père Noël

It is not easy to find activities during the Holidays that my two kids will enjoy. Felix is 6 years old; he is on the shy and quiet side and doesn’t love physical activities. My 4 years old, Joanie, is a real energy ball: nothing stops her.

Last year, I decided to bring them to Le Village du Père Noël. I didn’t know what to expect, and my husband was far from excited to go there. He was anxious that the day would be never ending.

We were wrong. We had a dream like kind of day. It went by in a second. Plus, the Laurentides region is beautiful during the winter; the scenery was just splendid.

My daughter, who usually can’t contain herself, showed us she could be patient while petting the farm animals. I had never seen her as concentrated and determined as she was carefully leaning to touch the animals! She still talks about it.

As for Felix, he exceeded our expectations. At first, he was terrified to climb up the chimney shaped climbing wall, but he gathered his courage and after three attempts, he succeeded! We could see the pride on his face, and on ours too! His dad and I almost shed a tear.

It’s funny, because since our visit, he is much more adventurous. He will probably never be as reckless as his sister, but it looks like he came out of his shell.

It was quite cold when we went, but the Village has heated shelters where we had a picnic outside without freezing. They even had microwaves.

One activity that we all loved was the giant slide where you go down on tubes. We laughed so much: all of a sudden, we were all kids. The children also loved the snow scooters.

Of course, we went to see Santa Claus. I had brought Felix’s pacifier – yes… he still can’t live without it – knowing that the Village had a “pacifier ritual” to help parents break the pacifier habit.

To my big surprise, Felix gave his pacifier to Santa Claus without a word. Since then, we never heard about the pacifier again.

Logistics side, everything is clean, even the toilets! And what impressed us the most was the staff. Everyone is attentive, dynamic and enthusiastic.

In fact, we had so much fun that we decided to go back this year. Last year, we didn’t have time to go skating and Felix wants to try climbing the rope Christmas tree and the zipline. And of course, Joanie wants to go see her goat friends again!

The most surprising is that it’s my husband that suggested to go back.

One advice: do not forget to bring an extra pair of socks and of mittens, you will need it!

Catherine Limoges



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