A New Year… A New YOU!

While the title sounds extreme, your New Year’s resolution does not have to be. Positive changes all start with baby steps. Although you can rethink your life and make changes on New Year’s, you can form a resolution at any time of the year. Why not let a second in time mean a whole new YOU!

It is interesting to think about the future and what makes up the journey, that we call…Life, especially on New Year’s. Here are some ideas for you and your teen(’)s New Year’s resolution(s):

Mummies and Teen(s) New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Learn new things.

2. Travel often.

3. Embrace new, positive experiences.

4. Look for the bright side/ goodness in everything.

5. Smile more.

6. Laugh daily.

7. Acknowledge the beauty of the day, even when things may not be going your way.

8. Be grateful for all of the little things we encounter daily.

9. Help others in need.

10. Have an open mind and an open heart.

Remember, you can add on to your list at any time of year Mummies!

Here’s to a Wonderful New Year, Mummies!


Valentina Bianca
is a 14 years old freshman at ILS based in Miami, FL. She has many interests including creative writing, fashion and giving back to her local community. She has joined our blogging team and will share her perspective on various topics.



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