5 Amazing Yoga Retreats

Are you part of the yoga movement? That movement that is slowly redefining exercising and how, as human beings, we see and accept our body. A movement that focuses on inner strength, pushing the body to its limits. A movement in which the mind learns to control itself through breathing and meditation.

If you are already a yogi, here are some ridiculously beautiful yoga retreats around the world where you’ll want to book now! If you are not already into yoga, check these out; you might want to start ASAP.

1. Shreyas Yoga Retreat in India :  an elegant secluded haven of tranquility, with a maximum of 20 guests at a time.  With its incredibly peaceful facilities, Shreyas Retreat will guide you on your journey of self-discovery and more.

2. Blooming Lotus Yoga in Bali, Indonesia :  A beautiful 5 star retreat in the middle of the Balinese jungle. A place of peace and quiet: a perfect place to improve your meditation skills.  Offering private rooms as well as villas with 1 to 3 bedrooms:  making it a family vacation.  Blooming Lotus Yoga offers students special rates, making it affordable to everyone.

3. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in Costa Rica: If you are new to yoga and think you will  love it but are not sure how much you would enjoy a yoga retreat, this place is for you. Located on the beach, you can combine your yoga practice with surf lessons. If you are an adventurous type you will especially enjoy the organized  hikes, horseback riding, kayaking, canopy zip-lining and more!

4. Soulshine Retreat in the Tarentaise Valley, France: If you love snow, skiing and the chalet life, you will want to live there. This retreat is perched on a cliff overlooking the beautiful Tarentaise Valley. The view is simply breathtaking. You can start your day with yoga classes before hitting the slopes and unwind in front of a log fire at the end of the day with deep stretching and meditation. to soothe your soul.

5. Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp in Val-Morin, Quebec:  No need to fly to enjoy some time in a yoga retreat. This retreat is situated in Val-Morin, approximately one hour away from Montreal. In summer and winter, this place is your go to weekend getaway to relax. Embrace nature by meditating in the woods or by a lake and enjoy outdoor activities such as rock climbing, biking, cross country skiing and more.

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