Tips For Beating The Boxing Day Madness

Boxing Day is the perfect chance to find some great deals on everything from clothing to electronics to home supplies and jewelry! Although, as we all know by now, boxing day can really test your patience. The malls are packed, the parking is impossible, and the line ups can seem endless. My husband still can’t understand why I would possibly want to put myself up for the mental stability challenge, but hey, I’m a sucker for deals. Here are some of our the top Boxing Day tips that will help you save your sanity.

Do your research

Plan ahead before you even step foot out of the door. Wandering around aimlessly through crowds of people is a surefire recipe for missing deals, getting frustrated, and overspending.

Arrive early

The earlier you can get to your chosen shopping locations, the better. Most stores stores will have lines forming for hours or even days before the event so choose wisely and get there as early as you can!

Eat before you go

You will be waiting in line, fighting crowds, and it is normal to feel a little stressed out. Do not compound those negative vibes and mood swings by adding hunger on top of everything else. Eat before you head out and bring a snack bar and drink to have while you shop.

Know what you want

One of the best tips for preparing for Boxing Day is to have a list made up. Know what you want to get and what you want to look for. Skip the aisles that do not have your items and head straight for your big ticket items on your list!

Be decisive

If you are shopping around in the crowds you do not want to waste time mulling over decisions. As you are trying to make up you mind, someone may walk off with your item. So if in doubt, grab it and hold onto it and decide before you get to the check out.

Avoid the change rooms

You can waste a lot of time standing in line and trying on clothes. So wear an extra layer and slip clothes on over that to make sure they are big enough. Or if you have the time try to visit the stores the day before and try things in before hand so you know your sizes before you shop!

Don’t forget the tech

Cell phones and mobile apps can really be your friend and can be a great way to check out fliers ahead of time. See what specials each store on your list offer so you know what to grab first when you walk through the doors.


Don’t forget your patience

You will be spending a lot of time waiting in line and being in very close proximity to a lot of people. Tempers can flare, attitudes may not be perfect, so it is a good idea to be patient and considerate of those around you- especially the people working at the stores you shop at!

Pay cash

In most cases it is much faster to pay for your Boxing Day purchases with cash. Cards take time, can be misread, and they also make it much easier to go above your budget and spend too much. So leave the plastic at home and stick with cold hard cash.

Leave the kids at home

It is well worth the money to pay for a baby sitter or to leave with the kids with a family member. You do not want them slowing you down or even worse getting lost in the maddening rush of people. So make arrangements to have the kid stay home while you do your shopping.

The final tip that you can consider when you are looking at Boxing Day looking on the horizon is to opt out entirely.  More and more people are shopping Boxing Day sales online and skipping the lines and crowds entirely. Technology makes it possible so take advantage!

Do you think shopping on boxing day is worth it? If so, what stores or products do you make sure to pick up?

Xoxo Melany


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